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Month: February 2016

Modifying The Standards Of European Union

Modifying The Standards Of European Union Do the EU and the Euro area albeit belatedly. 750 billion Euros (440 billion from the Euro countries 0.60 billion from the European Commission and 250 billion from the International Monetary Fund) to support the value of the loans to eurozone countries experiencing financial problems and the old plan. On the West second of the Atlantic was US President Barack Obama in constant Copy Buffet System contact with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Holand in a race against time to approve the plan last Sunday before the opening of financial markets Monday after it was locked Friday to drop the red zone at rates above some 11 percent. Any higher than those we have seen in the beginning of the collapse of the markets after the spark of the global financial crisis in September 2008.

Remarkably, it was the rapid move done by the Council US Federal Reserve in coordination with the central banks of Canada, Japan, Switzerland and Britain to complete a strong intervention to extend markets, the US dollar value of $ 30 billion to stop speculation on the Euro plan, after it became poses an additional threat to international banks.

Binary Options Success
Binary Options Success

Seven industrialized nations move came ultimatum for speculators response markets in a while. This does not mean that the speculators, who he described the Minister Anders Borg of Sweden’s capital as “a herd of wolves” have laid down their Copy Buffet arms. Financial terms of the European plan was not fully clear yet, though the standard conditions of fiscal adjustment is clearly visible.

Last week, the Greek parliament recognized the difficulty of harsh austerity plan a requirement for a 110 billion-euro syndicated loans of the Euro and the International Monetary Fund states Pack (will come from within the new plan) hope to get out of a severe financial crisis that threatens Greece with bankruptcy and Copy Buffet Software Review of the Euro area, and place on the morgue also entity the European Union. The crisis has awakened the trade unions in Europe, in ancient struggles, after the decline of its role in economic decision-making, especially in the last two decades, which had enjoyed the privilege of sovereignty of the concepts of the market economy and its mechanisms.
If it was too early to say for sure in the future of the European Monetary Union and the repercussions of the crisis on the EU as a whole, in a stable waiting for financial snowball that beset by more than one country in the Euro zone, could never be a new history books for a single currency in the light of the crisis in Greece, it will require either substantial amendments to stability and growth inspired by the Profits Unlimited System agreement, which sponsors the monetary union criteria and conditions for the acquisition of membership, or the openness of the crisis to all possibilities Treaty.

To quote from the experiments, that crises wear masks at the time of abundance and scarcity and tend to the few time ago. Standards that have been developed for Lauro and the monetary union was in school idealism nearest to them to realism. Including: 3 percent fiscal deficit ceiling to GDP. We have a 60 percent year-to output. Lack of inflation exceeded more than 1.5 percent, the average inflation rate in the three lowest inflation member states. Do not exceed the interest rate of more than 2 percent, the average typical interest rate (lowest) in the three member states. These standards collectively, the “largely peaceful” in nature and exclude any kind of crisis, and not necessarily need to be a good growth rates or an acceptable minimum.

You also need to actively and transparent tax system. And a balanced pattern between Profits Unlimited Scam fiscal and monetary policies in each country of the EMU countries. And to a system of full transparency in the countries concerned in terms of accounting and auditing, and commitment to the criteria listed and disclosed.

Otherwise big issue is beyond the standards to benefit and harm of this or that country. As the possession of a single currency in the countries of varying fortunes, and the sizes of their economies, and growth rates, and the levels of per capita incomes in all of them, a very sensitive issue, which means an advantage out of place to state what the single currency criteria, but people do not adhere to the expense of other countries and other people. Currency reserves at the end of the value and purchasing powers and manufacturing, and contactless standard of living and well-being. It is pointless to lead “unitary Dreams” to compromise on the level referred to account. How if the team was to submit waiver requests already have a sense of economic and political superiority?
The importance of setting rules in the monetary union, but perhaps lacked standards to the flexibility of usually financial and monetary affairs. Growth rates were not standing strong levels. Not control, accounting and tax systems have always been active. Transparency was not safeguarded as well. In the case of Greece got fraud operations in concealing No. fiscal deficit was arranged by Goldman Sachs and American complicity of the previous Greek government, which deported in the fall of 2009 before the advent of Push Money APP Scam at the head of the current government to discover the final deficit figure is 13.7 per cent to GDP and not 6 percent . And talking about Greece yet, we do not know what is the reality of the fiscal deficit in other countries on the list, such as Portugal, Spain, Ireland and Cyprus numbers. Doubts also hovering around the deficit in Italy and Britain.

Faced a monetary union, European standards severely tested in front of the US global financial and economic crisis of origin. Stimulus plans provided by European countries to protect the banking institutions were on public finances and inflation. The face of strangeness, that Greece now flogged on the back of the fiscal deficit, and impose austerity plan affecting the wages of workers and employees in the public sector, and the gains of dedicated law, a deduction thirteenth and fourteenth months in addition to the general and other taxes, while Ataulh Monetary Union and EU such as Germany, France and Italy are begun to overcome the monetary union standards in the Euro zone since 2001 until 2065. the countries mentioned were able to avoid sanctions and regimes in the region assume. Although the survival of the fiscal deficit above 3 percent to gross about 5 years Tuwalia. That was before the global financial crisis.

We all remember what he said French President Nicolas Sarkozy in October 2008 after a meeting in Paris attended by Italian Prime Minister and the German Chancellor that “today is not the time for the Stability and Growth Pact, but to save.” Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder is the author of the theory which was launched in 2003, and says the permissibility of tolerance with the fiscal deficit to GDP at the end of it if the spending on research and development. What about exceeded the deficit and public debt criteria in the event of major crises? It is clear that this is what Duke avoid the monetary union to answer at this stage of the global crisis even forced to historical support plan is unprecedented. However, in the large and unlimited crises horizon, rules are tuning systems and not circumstantial money Haola without breakdowns.

There in the Stability and Growth Pact is also a mechanism to support the members of the Euro area in the event of a crisis. There is no specific mechanism to get out of the area and return to the national currency. All the rules designed for the best, as we have said. Background was the thought of a political Aguetsada- depending on the globalization that has hit all the human and cultural aspects of the account of neo-liberalism and the market economy. European close partnership with the United States in the context of globalization has made the repercussions of the crisis on Europe and the Euro area harder than the United States. It was to ignore the fact that a crisis of this magnitude in the age of globalization means the globalization of the crisis as well, while growth does not necessarily mean the benefits of globalization, prosperity and decline of poverty and unemployment rates, as has been rumored and memorize. Years of economic growth in the group of industrialized countries were hostile to job opportunities and alleviate poverty. Lack of newly acceding countries to the European monetary union to competitive handheld and infrastructure compared with other partner countries, making it the heaviest crisis occurred.
It was necessary for the completion of the monetary unit of the central bank unified contract. However, the Central Bank, which sets interest rates of major countries and the Euro alone has the right to intervene in the markets, limited the ability of Member States to adjust the exchange rate in line with the needs of their economies or growth and inflation has rates. In contrast, the European Central Bank is facing great trouble to do his job to the loss of control over the fiscal policies of the Member States, which remained in the nature of the case is the task of governments. And it is impossible for any central bank to do basic Google Trader Review two curb inflation, control of the money supply, and stimulate growth rates appropriate benefits to invest fiscal policies continues. This is the case with Greece and with other European countries in the Euro zone. To avoid these bottlenecks were Growth Pact and stability criteria for monetary union.
We understand the hard-line stance of Germany to support Greece, who led the European position has varied motives: fear of a possible repeat of the Greek scene. The major share of loans that Germany provided to the Member States. And Taathab Chancellor Angela Merkel to persuade the German street financial expenses in the midst of an economic crisis for political reasons. And ahead is a long list of other trade union demands. Do not fall out of account the growing right-wing nationalist tendencies which essentially refused to give up the Deutschmark and opposes the European Union. However, Germany has agreed on a 22.4 billion-euro share of the 110 billion Greece said it would need them. It also paid to the fact that Greece City German banks, as is the case with the French banks. France has pledged to secure loans for Greece by 16.8 billion euros. There is no support after the European debt uniform. German bond is a bond pricing and other base in the Euro zone. Greece may need to double the advertised amount, even if implemented austerity plan.

Many words said about the eligibility of Greece to acquire membership of the Euro zone after only two years at its inception in January 1999. The abandoned Greek drachma for the oldest currency in history against the Euro. In the language of logic it was difficult to absorb the survival of the oldest European civilization and culture of the state such as Greece out of a single currency for the continent like a civilized Europe.

Do not be amended Stability and Growth Pact in the direction of more flexible, and then strictly enforcing standards. Germany and France at the head of the European Union a morale gains and also pays them pay when warranted an emergency circumstance. Hyper monetary union before the contract is completed wedge in the body of the Union, which now has a flag and currency. The demise of the currency union loses half of his being and threatens to return to the entities. But the name-base this time.

Financial Systems Reform And Gold

Financial Systems Reform And Gold Progressing states in the introduction to the United States and the European Union projects important proposals to their parliaments for the reform of the financial system in order to avoid financial crises economies similar to what happened in 2008 and that the global economy is still paying the price for its aftermath. There is no doubt that the reform and the emphasis on the application of rules and standards and the threat of sanctions on offending parties became necessary after the financial chaos that the world has witnessed in recent years, and the Altronix APP Scam expansion of internal and external debt of the countries of the level and lack of transparency in giving false information on the financial situation, even more economic blocs level progress such as the EU. But the extent to which countries will succeed in the implementation of these reforms? Will it be enough to prevent similar crises or perhaps more dangerous than the crisis occurred in 2008?


The implementation of these reforms may not be guaranteed unless the control of the source of the problem which is chaos in the money printing and pumped into the markets of charge, especially by countries that are international reserve currencies led by the United States. This pumping runaway currency in the markets and the rapid developments in the speed of movement of funds from one country to another creating an abundance of money lendable and encouraged States to external borrowing and interest rates attractive to its decline, and spending on aspects of useless do not give back, what accumulates the Copy Buffet Software Review volume of debt and debt service even fail states for repayment as in Greece.

Historically known that currencies of countries, particularly the international reserve currencies were linked to gold under what is known as economically as the gold standard. This Push Money APP means that exporting currency covered in gold held by central banks. Britain abandoned the gold standard in 1931 because of the consequences of the First World War and the changing global balance of forces is Britain’s interest. After decoding the pound sterling correlation with gold weakened confidence in him gradually as the currency of Thousand Dollar Days international reserves. After almost three decades, taking the dollar, which was associated with gold place, especially as it coincided with the growing strength of the US economic, political and military. In 1973 the United States effects of the dollar gold link to give the same freedom in the dollar version without restrictions to finance the Vietnam War.

A review of the monetary history of the countries in the aftermath of World War II, we find that Germany alone was able to control the money supply, which without being committed to the gold base. The reason for the ability of the power of the Bundesbank of Germany and independence full Zulander Hack independence from the government so that the latter can not borrow it from the currency by printing only a certain percentage can not be exceeded.

And in an unprecedented manner in another country, the independence of the Bundesbank enjoys unrivaled popular support because of what the German people suffered from excessive inflation rates has thrown millions of them their fortunes during World War II. Reducing popular support of the Binary Secret Review Central Bank and up to any disagreement between the latter and the government will prevail as the central, it caused controversy in many cases in overthrowing the government.

So maintained German currency (mark at the time) on the strength of the German economy grew at a healthy form of frequent and even became the third strongest economy in the world after the United States and Japan, after World War II completely destroyed. The German government has also followed a prudent fiscal policy, which did not borrow only for the purpose of WellsInvestments financing investment projects give a return shot just out of debt and debt service.

There is no doubt that the base gold advantages in controlling the volume of currency in circulation, but the outlet basically restricted by the policies of economic stimulus in times of recession. So after most countries abandoned the gold standard, some have resorted to the adoption of laws known remnants of the gold standard obliges the Central Bank of the State concerned to maintain cover a certain percentage of currency in circulation with gold.
But countries abandoned the gold standard waste laws gradually. But impressively that all developed and developing countries that abandoned the gold and remnants of the gold standard base saw then Wells Investments Scam critically and financially, caused a lot of waste, corruption and rising debt levels, inflation and financial crises.
If the return to the gold standard solution difficult to return to partial coverage of the gold coin that the United States will be the first who are committed to the reduction of the cash bleeding of the dollar, which hurt all over the world and promotes irresponsible borrowing may be.

Economic Recovery And Disappointments

Economic Recovery And Disappointments Global efforts did not bear fruit in achieving economic recovery levels that stimulus programs and targeted packages «First Finance» preliminary, not inspired confidence results achieved, despite the reassuring optimism standards to achieve growth rates, and laying the foundations for economic take-off of the post-atheist-first century crisis. The global Push Money APP Scam processors, though represented regionally – and, according to both developed and emerging economic superpowers – different levels of government intervention, not Taatlaq to achieve economic balance globalized desired, what the situation stabilizes in the country so that breaks down in another, and from there to other threatened global confidence in the feasibility of policies economic, and putting them in the political debility box.

US Dollar
US Dollar

Despite the «sacrifices and efforts» made by countries such as the US Multi Leteral, Germany, France, Japan and even Italy and Greece, the confidence of citizens rulers and governments rates have fallen to low levels is not enough to reassure the economic stimulus programs of the owners, and «float» the TradeFusion budgets of families and individuals.

It is not enough to expect relevant international institutions, a rise in global growth rate to about 5 percent end of the year, supported by growth rates in Asia, led by China, in the range of 10 percent, and India, 7 percent or other Asian countries, it must be borne in mind that the growth rates «support», it can not provide jobs in the United States or the European Union, and to restore the momentum of Your Legacy Club Software industrial production or consumer markets. The fundamental problem is not the high global growth rates, but in the balance between the growth rates for each country and in parts of the world, to balance economic recovery standards and shrinking financial turmoil, which has become an obsession for all, leading the countries concerned to adopt financial reforms before the end of the year, to save the situation and make money institutions global modest fortifications under the control of public administration, when thoughts of risky adventures.

A report by the International Monetary Fund for «World Economic Outlook Update» (July), the reality of the economy during the second quarter, a testament to the «clouds of turmoil in the capital markets enveloped the prospects for the economy Finally, a reflection of the decline in confidence regarding fiscal sustainability, and policies the face of the crisis, and the prospects for growth in the future. It is crucial developments that fiscal sustainability issues in advanced economies, took the lead in May (June), driven by initial concerns about the financial centers and competitiveness in Greece and other euro zone vulnerable economies. And it moved fears regarding sovereign risks to banking sectors. She returned funding pressures and spread in the markets transactions between banks, also supported by the uncertainty about the policy response to the crisis ».

The decline in confidence leads to the general public, to «skimping» double in spending as a result of the reality Is Wells Investments A Scam shrinking job opportunities on the one hand and caution on the opposite side. What causes thaw spending levels if not decline, according to translate competent indicators not stabilized levels after. The decline in domestic demand is leading to weak external demand and a stagnation of industrial production, according to indicators in the US and European countries. What goes hand in hand with the rise in inventories and a lack of trade to the «obsession» at risk for the reconstruction of foreign goods stock before rotating seasons solutions.

In the scenario of the IMF that the «shock received by the financial conditions and domestic demand in the euro area comparable in size to similar shocks in 2008 and include simulations in the form on an infection of the capital markets, especially in the United States, and weak private Wells Investments Scam consumption as a result of the reduction in equity prices» .

Of course, the elements of the traditional economy lacks compliance with banking conditions in America and Europe and even in Asian countries investments. The remaining financial reforms targeted by members of the Group of Twenty countries, centered on the freedom of banking institutions and money, especially concerned with its size and the extent of the risk and dangers in it, and subjecting it to the control of the central banks and monetary authorities.

Thus the United States has made and Wells Investments LTD Scam Europe, steps to reform financial institutions and capital markets and systems, while the Finance Committee chosen by the Group of 20 developed and, in the «Bal» (Switzerland), a blueprint for the reform of the banking, serving to increase the capital of banks.

In the face of these actions, shrank Submissions financial banks eased credit operations, and no longer semi-bad interest attractive levels at a profit, so I went money institutions to speculation and finance operations more feasible and advantageous profit in the oil and precious metals and other markets, causing a vacuum in the credit market and the financing of production. As a result, the production enterprises austerity and contraction in the labor market.

In the traditional economy, a free character, loops relate to. If the right of disrepair either singly Wells Investments LTD Scam second and beyond. Is the case of economic reality in the major countries or super flop to agree on what saves the situation amid political exposure is supported by local differences to achieve gains in the provision does not save the economy.

What saved the economy confidence, consumption production is The return to employment.

Warning of Impact Of Sovereign Debt In Balance Sheets Of Banks

Warning of Impact Of Sovereign Debt In Balance Sheets Of Banks International Monetary Fund cut, the size of the US and European banks losses since the beginning of the financial crisis in mid-2007 until the end of this year, $ 100 billion. But he warned that the global financial system still faces serious challenges make him vulnerable to shocks, loss of confidence and its negative effects on finance and credit, especially the economic recovery, despite the gradual improvement achieved in restoring stability ».

He announced a financial advisor, director of money markets and capital in the IMF Jose Vinales, in a press conference yesterday, that the global financial system «became more stable than it was in April last, thanks to the economic recovery, which began mid-2009, but still He faces risks. » He explained that the march had been stability for «setback» following the explosion of the sovereign debt crisis in some of the economies of south and north of the European continent. He Vinales, who presented the results of the report of «stability of the global financial system», one of the important reports discussed by the finance ministers and governors of central banks in the joint annual meetings of the IMF and the World Bank, which kicks off in Washington next Saturday, that «the largest endangered dangers to the stability of the financial system lies in the the impact of the sovereign debt crisis on the balance sheets of banks in crisis countries inside and outside ».

He said in a veiled reference to possession of European and American banks, an important part of the European sovereign debt stalled, that «the sovereign debt market turmoil in Europe highlighted the weaknesses in the public budgets for banks and governments alike, and came as a harsh reminder not in respect of the close links existing between them but also regarding the possible repercussions of this disorder across the border. » He stressed that «reduce the threats to the stability of the global financial system, especially the serious effects of the shocks, the lack of trust in banks and sovereign debt, requires the banks in a number of countries strengthen their capital and improve the quality». He warned that failure to so «banks increases the seriousness of the situation and exacerbate the credit crunch constituting an additional obstacle to economic recovery.» The warning Monetary Fund, despite his assertion that the banking sector has so far been the biggest beneficiaries of the economic recovery, pointing out that the improvement achieved by the stock markets in recent months, reducing US and European banks losses (in addition to Asian banks in Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore) 2.3 trillion dollars in April to $ 2.2 trillion currently.

He pointed out that troubled banks achieved a significant milestone in its initiative represents to write off three-quarters of losses and coverage, ie up to about $ 1.75 trillion, in addition to higher average capitalization rates of the global banking sector to more than 10 percent late last year. He predicted that the gradual improvement to continue in the public budgets of the banks of the continuation of the economic recovery.

And it showed the updated IMF estimates, expectations continued arrival of US banks to share 40 percent of the losses of the crisis, followed by banks in the euro area by 30 percent, then the British banks, which is approaching its share of 20 percent. While the balance is distributed on the banks of Switzerland and the Nordic countries and to a lesser extent Asian banks, as well as Australia and New Zealand.

IMF noted in his report, «the face of US banks in particular a high degree of underlying this time the possibility of aggravation of the mortgage crisis danger». He explained that the real estate market finally regained stability after falling residential property prices by more than 30 percent between the years 2006 and 2009, commercial real estate and the loss of 40 percent of their value. However, the market fundamentals are still fragile foretaste of renewed collapse in prices. But warned emerging economies, one of the most important gains achieved by matching them, thanks to the advanced economies, the financial fundamentals in the hardness and strength of economic growth and prospects, and the magnitude of the investment revenue, including making them more attractive for investment.

This fledgling economies urged to pursue able to avoid the negative effects related to «mutations» the flow of global investment policies.