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Month: March 2016

Employees in Greece Strike Against Financial Reforms

Employees in Greece Strike Against Financial Reforms It reflected the efforts of the European Union, in particular the members of the euro zone countries to help Greece out of its financial crisis, comfortable in the currency market and stock, translated positively. But the Athens government action has not received a response from the government officials who considered that they are not responsible for the crisis, and declared a strike yesterday.
It faces austerity adopted by the Greek government to reduce the public deficit program, the first opposition from civil society. Having called on the Government of George Papandreou staff to respond with acceptance to freeze wages and employment, and to be role models for the people and prove TrianaSoft for high Citizenship, disappointed those hopes yesterday and declared a strike, heeded a call Staff Union (Adede) and is affiliated with about 300 thousand, with the aim that they are not responsible for the crisis Finance for their country.

It includes a strike yesterday Ministries services and tax officials, and districts and municipalities, teachers and observers Gueyen and staff in the customs and railway workers in hospitals. What led to the suspension of flights and the closure of many schools and government interests, in the first major test of the government’s insistence on dealing with the TrianaSoft debt crisis has shaken the euro zone.

Investors and credit rating agencies and policy makers in the EU and watching the strike, which lasts 24 hours and the reaction of the government. They say that Greece, which abound in violent street protests, will not get the support of the charge.

tear gas

Police in riot gear fired tear gas to disperse protesters in downtown Athens during the strike, which was called to protest against the austerity measures taken by the government.

A police official told «Reuters»: «Officers fired tear gas when the garbage collectors tried to storm a police collar Pearson Profits Review to join the main march». But the general atmosphere in the Greek capital remained calm.

On the other hand, directed workers in the public sector to work in government ministries and schools. The Greeks in the streets, from the previous rejection of the Socialist government’s efforts to keep the financial conditions of the country from collapse.

The public sector strike comes a day after the Socialist government’s other measures to cut wages and raise taxes.

The unions oppose plans to freeze public sector wages and cut allowances received by many Greeks, in addition to the basic salaries and replacing one employee only replaced every five they leave government work. They say: The tax reform, which is part of the plan supported by the European Union to improve the financial conditions for Greece, hurt the poor.

Conducted Trade X Confidential Review polls showed earlier this week that a majority of Greeks support the government measures of financial reform.

In addition, a French source said that the euro zone countries have not yet reached an My 1st Online Payday agreement regarding the provision of a potential aid package for Greece.

The source, who asked not to be named, «there is no agreement at this stage».

Sources in the ruling coalition in Germany, said that the German government was in international and domestic intensive negotiations regarding the My First Online Payday System provision of a possible aid to debt-stricken Greece. He added: «It has not yet been conclusively determined in the form».

Other sources in the coalition, said that helping Greece may be in the form of a bilateral agreement on the sidelines of the EU summit today about the amount of aid to Greece and the countries to be provided.