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Month: September 2017

How To Achieve Success In Life

Regardless of your age, place of living or career goals, each person’s main goal in life is happiness and success. Read Reality Bending Secrets article to learn how to succeed in your external life (your circumstances) and your inner life (your mental health).

Achieving external success

Identify the things you prepare as a passion for you. You have to define the concept of success for you to achieve. Although knowing what you want to achieve in your life can take many years, identifying your passion, hobbies, and values ​​will help you set your goals and give your life a real meaning. Ask yourself the following questions:

What heritage do you want to leave?
How would you like others to remember you?
How do you want to improve your community?
What are your interests in life?

Write down a list of your goals, and what you will do to achieve them. Be careful to deal with short-term goals and long-term goals, and try to think beyond the financial goals and business objectives.

Think about the subjects you enjoyed studying at school and why you enjoyed them. This may give you an idea of ​​the best and most exciting for you.

Have a goal in your life. You will have to start paying attention to your actions to achieve your dreams and to be the person you want to be. Ask yourself the following question: Will I be led to what I want to be in life?

If you feel that you are constantly weary and dream about the future or the past, or that you are counting the minutes until the end of the day, it is probably because you feel separated from what you do. Think of changing your field or study to an area of ​​interest to you, but remember that it may mean changes you are not currently contemplating. Are you paid enough to help you with your current job? Do you do a job that you may feel weary of in the end? Do I really want to stick to this job?

Estimate your time. Try to spend your spare time doing things you enjoy rather than waste. Instead of spending weekends watching TV, spend your time doing your hobbies or spending time with people you care about.

Remember that the concept of “wasting time” is a relative concept. This does not mean that everything you do has to be productive in the traditional sense, but it has to be fun and interactive.

Increase your culture. Learning gives you the knowledge, skills, and ability to maximize your potential. With regard to material success, the statistics show that increasing the level of education (the high degree you receive), increases the income you will receive.

In 2011, the average weekly income of high school graduates was $ 638, while those earning a bachelor’s degree were $ 1053. In the same year, the income of persons with a doctorate was $ 1263-1551.

It is not assumed that all types of education are formal. Training programs and long-term training programs are also linked to increased income.

Reality Bending Secrets
Reality Bending Secrets

Control your material. Learning how to manage physical affairs helps you ensure physical stability over time regardless of your income.

Keep a record of your expenses. Check your bank notes regularly and note the things you spend money on. Keep personal records if you conduct online banking as well. The Eastern Keys helps you avoid overburdening and make sure your bank notices are correct.

Understand your income. When calculating your income, be sure to calculate the taxes to be deducted from your total income. The resulting figure after tax will form net income, which is the amount you really get.

Set priorities for spending. Your first priority should be spending on basic needs such as food, shelter, and clothing. Do not spend money on luxuriant things like clothes, cars, or expensive holidays to meet your basic needs first. Be honest with yourself and differentiate between your basic needs and your luxurious desires.

Save money. You have to save some money in a savings account every month. Ask your employer to deposit a portion of your income directly into your savings account.

Manage your time. Delaying tasks until the last minute may cause unnecessary compression, and this increases the likelihood of error. Manage your time until you have enough time to finish tasks effectively.

Use an electronic layout tool or notebook to organize your day, week, and month.
Write down a list of all the things you should do during the day, and finish off each task you finish. This will help you stay organized and have an incentive.

Achieving internal success

Enjoy the moment. If you think about the past constantly or dream about the future, you are wasting the present. Remember that the past and the future are mere illusions, and that real life is happening at the moment.

Start paying attention to negative thoughts to learn how to silence them and enjoy the present. If a negative idea appears in your mind, admit it and identify it as negative, then start by hiding it.

Get used to paying attention to small details around you. How much the sun feels on your skin, how you feel when you walk on the floor, or the artwork of the restaurant you eat. Attention to these things will help you put down your raging thinking and appreciate the moment you live.

Do not compare your life to the lives of others. Unfortunately, many people measure their level of success by comparing the success of others around them. If you are horrified by the sense of success and happiness, you should stop comparing your life to the lives of others.

Many people tend to compare the times of distress in their lives to the times of success in the lives of others. Remember that no matter how wonderful and perfect someone’s life is, everyone deals with sadness, insecurity and many other problems behind closed doors.

Instead of comparing yourself to “better” people, think of displaced, sick and poor people. This will help you appreciate what you have instead of feeling sorry for yourself.

Count the blessings you own. No matter what you have achieved in life, you will always feel miserable if you focus on what you do not have. Instead, allocate some time each day to estimate what you own. Expand your perspective to include non-physical objects. Appreciate people you love and remember happy memories.

Take care of your health. Body health promotes mental health. Eat balanced meals and make sure you do not deprive yourself of the necessary nutrients. Identify and treat the problems you experience as a lack of energy or focus by discussing it with your doctor, nutritionist or other specialist. Get a lot of exercise and attach it to things you love so you do not feel like doing what you do not like.

Put yourself in the right environment

Environment. The environment around us has a tremendous impact on us at all levels of consciousness (without consciousness and unconsciousness). The Manifestation Millionaire includes where we live, the friends we own, the things we read, the people we meet, and much more. The environment is contagious.
Thomas Edison said he managed to become a successful inventor because he put himself with more intelligent people than he [1], which allowed him to learn from them. We offer most of our ideas [2] in response to the environment in which we live.

Try this experiment. Put yourself in the company of people who love gambling, or anything else, for a while and watch your thoughts and feelings. It is likely that your thoughts will respond to the environment that you expose yourself to. Have you noticed that you feel calm and balanced when you go to a beautiful lake or a natural environment?

Large environment. Where we spend most of the time is in the large environment. Your place of residence, where you work, your colleagues work, your friends you spend most of your time with, etc. Within the large environment. It is very important to put yourself in a great environment that motivates you to succeed and continue. It also includes your person. If you spend a lot of time with yourself (you are the environment in this case) and you have an interactive mind, then you will have interactive ideas, but you have changed your environment.

Small environment. The small environment represents those we do not spend much time with, such as a cafe, people we salute, a grocery store, and the people we meet by chance. These parties do not usually have a long-term impact on us unless they change into a larger environment.