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How Does Content Marketing Actually Get You More Sales?

How Does Content Marketing Actually Get You More Sales? Content Marketing Content is a lengthy written word that exists on a web page whether it is an internal page within your site or an external page outside of your site. The goal is to make anyone who comes to 7 Figure Cycle page read information about your service or product in order to pay them. In the end to buy, when you write good content you get good sales and customers and a wider reputation. To use this type of e-marketing you must have a website or a page you own, or have an online page where you can post it even if you do not own it. Content of electronic marketing

7 Figure Cycle
7 Figure Cycle

Content Marketing

When you want to use Content Marketing you have to have a good experience in writing interactive and exclusive content and lead to the conversion of the reader or visitor to a customer, doing a review review of a product or service and finally placing a link to buy your product or service or phone number … etc .

Content marketing tools?

Web Hosting
Experience in SEO
Experience in one of the content management platforms preferably WordPress
Let’s just clarify things more …

If you do not have a website or a web page first you need to buy a web hosting to create a website, and if you do not like creating websites you have to learn WordPress professionally so you can create a blog or a web page by wordpress, after you By creating a blog or web page you need to learn professional SEO techniques to make that page or site appear in Google and in all other search engines. Meaning of content

Restrict marketing content in one concept

The simplest way to use the concept of content marketing to market an online service or product is to create a website that aims to explain all the details about your service or your project was to create a page from us and contact us and add photo gallery or write promotional articles. The source of Trafic or visitors to your site is through Google or through the sites of Social Media.

You can also use social networking pages as one of the types of content marketing, generally when you write content you are doing marketing content or service to you in any way but it is best to compile all the content within one site under the roof of one of your own.

How to benefit from the concept of content marketing

First: Collecting the numbers of potential customers – When you explain or provide a review of your product or service and put in a dedicated phone number you collect customer data so you can offer them exclusive offers and discounts and can use their numbers in more than one form and in more than one way.

Second: Compiling Real Emails – When you create a website and put a box on your site that encourages people to add their e-mail, you have a strong database to market your product or service.

Thirdly: Increase the month and form a strong brand – for example you are here in the Prince of e-marketing read this content and learn and benefit but at the same time if you thought to contact a professional electronic marketer to help you marketing your product or service immediately you may remember me and communicate with me and become a visitor to Client, so is the electronic marketing

How the visitor or customer will access your site content

Either through the implementation of advertising campaigns on social networking sites or through the Sioux:

Ad campaigns: Through advertising campaigns invites viewers to visit your site or page of your site.

When a visitor searches Google for the name of the product or anything linked to the product that is looking for a link to the link or site link in your site.

This is how you market content marketing – the important way you think about how to manage your site and the quality of content that will be presented in your site, and how it shows to viewers or visitors … etc. All this comes with time and learn with time and you will find that you have enough experience.

Internet Marketing … From A to Z With Digital Cash Academy

What’s the online markiting?

I have always found it very difficult to answer this question in a comprehensive and concise manner, so I recently signed on to this picture information that embodies the essence of electronic marketing in all its aspects in the form of a tree!

The fact that the main reason I have written Digital Cash Academy long article is my observation that most people see e-marketing depends on the use of Facebook and ads on sites and improving search engines … etc, well, I agree with these people but to a certain extent; The fact that what is mentioned is the words channels or twigs as in this picture and does not represent the concept of cytokine as a whole.

the roots:

1. Research or research:

Research is the key step to starting a profitable business, either on the web or on the web, and this starts with identifying the site or product. What is the problem that the site or product is solving to customers or users? What is the goal of the site? …. Answering these questions is the cornerstone for starting a successful journey to your business.

Then comes the role of deepening the process of market research and answer many questions … such as the status of competition in general and the specifications of the public customers … Where will stand the position towards the competition? … Who are consumers or users? What are their behaviors on the web? What sites do they visit, what are their ages, interests, places, nationalities? … etc.

Digital Cash Academy
Digital Cash Academy


A clear strategy ensures that your business goals are achieved by segmenting the market into small pieces based on the market research results we mentioned and then focusing on targeting the most promising market segments or the most likely to use or buy your product.

Start by defining the unique aspects of your product from the rest of the products on the market that ultimately drive visitors to the goals that USPs Unique selling Point
Think of new features that competitors do not have to add to your product at the lowest cost (free delivery, special packaging, new flavors, etc.).

Think about ways to increase your customers’ interactions with your product (eg, x% discount on each friend referred). A successful strategy in e-marketing is to find solutions that aim to increase the number of times a Conversions or turn a visitor into a customer by showing the unique selling points of your USPs that you have defined.

Content Content:

Content is king

I do not know who said this sentence but I heard it very much … In any case, the intended content, the message that you want or reach to customers, which must be consistent with the strategy that I have reached.

Try to highlight the unique selling points of your product but at the same time do not turn into a salesman! … Keep the famous “20: 80” ratio, which means that 80% of the content focuses on information, product solutions and the remaining 20% ​​on the promotional message.

4- Branding Brand:

It is a continuous process that does not occur overnight and is the result of successful marketing efforts that may last for years but ultimately lead to the consolidation of the meaning of the brand and its logo in the minds of consumers.

In fact, we can not be satisfied with some words to explain the meaning of the brand! So let’s just point to the basics of choosing an attractive name and logo that is easy to remember by the customer. Brand branding should also focus on linking the need that your product or site fills with your brand name.

the trunk:

Development Development and Design Design:

The site is the trunk of an e-marketing tree and the place where customers know your product. Every business site has a commercial purpose, like any store, such as shelves, façade, lighting, flooring, etc. All factors contribute to the marketing of shops. Speed, good design and easy compass are also factors Essential for any profitable website.

The site load speed is free of errors in terms of codes used with an easy content management system Content Management System capable of controlling most parts of the site in addition to attractive design and ease of navigation …. All of which are important factors that help to achieve the profitability goal … Without realizing any of these factors there is no need to spend money on the channels of advertising sites that we will talk about.


And is the marketing channels of the site, which is reflected in their role in bringing customers to the store! These channels often carry the meaning of the brand and the distinctive aspects of the site or product to the target audience. The use of these channels varies depending on the type of product or location.

1- Digital Advertising Online advertising:

It is very similar to traditional advertising where the advertiser buys ad space or Impressions from another site and usually the site advertised is somewhat related to the product to be marketed. The purpose of these ads is to bring visitors and turn those visitors into customers as a final result.

There are many types of digital ads, such as affiliate programs, ad text scripts, guest bloggers, etc.

2- Social Media:

Marketing through this channel aims to reach the target audience through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. The marketing by social media depends on building social groups interested in the brand by addressing the target audience by sharing interesting content such as information Pictures, blogs, videos, e-books.

3. Search Engine Marketing:

There are two types of search engine marketing channels, the free type SEO, which aims to increase the appearance of the site to be marketed on the pages of the results of the search engine SERPs This type of marketing to understand the algorithms of the search engine and produce content of high quality permanently and get links from other sites and abide by guidelines The search engines in this field and many, many other factors … Due to the complexities of this type of marketing, most companies resort to hiring an expert or the use of companies specialized in Digital Cash Academy area.

The second type of search engine marketing is the paid type, which is a text ad that appears at the top of the search results page and on the right side (if you’re using Google Arabic). The advertiser usually pays per click on the search results page. In other words, the advertiser asks the search engine to show its ad when users search on certain keywords chosen by the advertiser themselves.

4- Marketing by Email Email Marketing:

This marketing channel relies on sending mailing bulletins or ad content to targeted audience emails. It is morally and professionally preferred when using this type of marketing to obtain the prior approval of the public receiving these e-mails and provide an easy way to cancel subscription to this service.

Public Relations Public Relation:

Major and leading companies in a particular field usually rely on this type of marketing channel and publish press releases on news sites as well as rely on public relations agencies to publish their news.

6. Analytics analysis

I would like to talk about analytics and tracking tools such as Google Analytics, Analytics, etc., which I believe are the most important aspect of website advertising or e-marketing … through which a marketer can identify the fruits of the money spent on the ROI campaign and very accurately, It’s often based on comparing business revenue before and after the advertising campaign, which often lacks precision.

With the tracking tools provided by many companies (Google Analytics, Site Catalyst, etc.), the e-marketer can analyze the consumer’s reaction to advertising and track consumer traffic on the site and the costs of the advertising campaign and compare the revenue day by day.

This is why I have completed the review of the content of e-marketing … I apologize for the length of Digital Cash Academy article and I hope you have benefited from the information you provided, and if you have any question, I am ready to answer through the comments below and do not forget to reward our efforts by clicking the Google Plus button 🙂

6 reasons for marketing across social networks

We have talked in a previous post about successful e-marketing methodology and how to use social channels for marketing. The purpose of Lurn Summit Review post today is to shed light on some of the most important reasons why we use social media techniques to market products and services, increase brand awareness and drive more visitors to the website.

Why choose social network marketing?

Best Centers in Search Engines

When a site has a large number of external links from trusted sites, the site has “authority” over the nature of the published material, that is, the search engines trust it. So when you’re part of conversations on blogs, social networks, and social networking sites, you’ll be able to get more links to your company’s website, which will improve search engine rankings or status.

Complement other marketing efforts

Marketing Social media is usually a specific effort towards a particular community group. It does not conflict with any other marketing methods to get traffic and more visitors to your website. On the contrary, it can fit well with your other advertising campaigns. For example, Za’tar and Zayt used social marketing along with banners to promote brand awareness on the Internet.

Lurn Summit
Lurn Summit

Better targeting

If implemented correctly, social marketing can motivate the targeted segment of Internet users to visit the Web site very effectively by using various elements and tools on social media sites, allowing owners to increase awareness of the Lurn Virtual Summit company’s products and services both locally and Global.

Online Reputation Management

Social networks have become a powerful tool for managing reputation, or so-called Reputation Management in English, which is at the critical point in brand marketing. Since brands have the ability to be an active participant in conversations, marketers can better access and control existing conversations and conversations about their brand

raising awareness

If you create new content people really need it, there will be no problem in attracting people to your website or web page. Social marketing helps disseminate information and can then be associated with the presence or presence of a brand or company on the Internet, thereby increasing its popularity.

Low cost and great return

Return on investment is one of the most important criteria for most marketing campaigns. The benefits of social networks often go far beyond cost because social media have the potential to offer great opportunities to advertise a brand or company for free. Social marketing is also one of the cheapest marketing tools currently available.

Do you want to use social channels to effectively market your eCom Crusher products and services? Contact us today and let us help you.

Mark Ling – Learn Build Earn Review Is A SCAM Or REAL System?

Mark Ling – Learn Build Earn Review Is A SCAM Or REAL System? Some companies still consider traditional marketing to be the best in marketing the goods and services they produce. In most of these cases, the main reason is their lack of sufficient knowledge of the importance of the company’s e-marketing or the factors influencing the success of e-marketing on social networking sites.

But the question that many managers in companies are asking today is: How do I choose the best e-marketing tool for my company? What are the strategies of e-marketing for any service or product?

To answer these questions, some key factors should be taken into consideration when marketing your company:

Electronic marketing strategies

Nature of the product or service

Some products or services provided by companies are primarily directed to other companies and not people, which is known as business marketing for business and we talked about in a previous article. In Learn Build Earn way, strategies are used that depend primarily on the targeting of specific individuals and where the spread is not as important as the correct spread. Therefore, successive methods and marketing channels used in this process vary. For example, instead of using Twitter, you will use LinkedIn because it is best able to help you with the right and required job placements and titles for your potential clients.

Company size and marketing budget

E-marketing is the ideal medium for small businesses and even for small businesses that are very small compared to traditional marketing. It also provides a range of advantages and features that are not available in traditional marketing, including:

Target the right customers:

If, for example, you decide to put a banner in the street, you will not guarantee that the right customer will see you at all. This is in addition to the high cost and booking of places on the streets. In contrast to targeting your customer by e-mail or a targeted advertisement on Facebook, your marketing message goes to specific people who are really interested in your area and what you offer.

Learn Build Earn
Learn Build Earn

Speed ​​of communication with customers:

One of the best advantages of e-marketing is the speed of communication with customers. You do not need to meet each customer face-to-face for communication or after-sales services or otherwise.

Analyze competitors easily and accurately:

With a lot of tools analysis sites and pages that enable you to follow and analyze your site and your page very accurately as well as knowing your location in the market and analyze your competitors in such a way that you can know the most appropriate step next to your product.

Reach initial results in ad campaigns:

It is one of the best advantages of e-marketing. When you launch an advertising campaign to introduce your product, increase the rate of conversion to your website or even buy a specific offer directly, you can see if your ad campaign achieved the desired results or not after launching a few hours. Not only that, but you can change or modify them to match the new discoveries you noticed during the first campaign launch.

Ability to modify and change marketing strategies quickly and easily:

As we mentioned before, what you can do with ad campaigns you can also do with your articles on your blog, your website design, or even your daily social media pages. So prove what is back to you with the marketing goals that you have identified previously and adjust the rest.

From the above, it is clear that if your company’s marketing budget is not huge, e-marketing is the best and best way to target your potential customers and start communicating effectively with them.

The nature of potential customers for your company

How to Choose E-Marketing Strategies This is the most important factor when choosing the right marketing strategy for your company. Understanding the nature of your customer will enable you to know the most appropriate methods and channels that will achieve the most effective, for example you will know:

Are you using SEO or SMM or both?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a web search engine that enables your site to appear on the first page of a popular search engine such as Google when using certain search terms. You can learn a lot about SEO through our article What are the challenges that your company’s website faces to search engines?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the use of various social networking sites to market a specific idea or product, by creating a page for your product or idea or even for the company, and starting to communicate with the audience of your intended audience to deliver the marketing message to them. Ad campaigns that target specific interests of your audience can be developed and promoted through social networking sites. Learn more about the factors influencing the success of e-marketing on social networking sites.

What are the most important marketing channels you use on social networking sites?

E-marketing strategies on social networking sites Social networking channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and even LinkedIn are among the most successful ideas of our time, attracting individuals and entire communities to communicate and exchange information and personal experiences. But each social networking site has a differentiated from other sites so it is necessary to prepare a different marketing message for each platform without the other. The type of content published varies according to people’s concerns on each platform. For example, if you decide to use the video to promote your product you can then publish your service on YouTube, and if your service depends on a large number of images you can use Instagram or Facebook.

So as we know now, using the right e-marketing strategies can greatly affect the results of your campaigns and your company’s sales. We are happy to receive your questions about everything related to your marketing campaign through our website or our Twitter page.

Learn Build Earn