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Is it The End of US Debt?

Is it The End of US Debt? Each generation have an incentive to borrow funds be acquired in the future to spend on itself, but even our generation this, did not happen that do any generation of Americans that the same degree that they are doing it now, and the biggest reasons for this is that previous generations were not feel safe, they she was living without modern medicine and without modern technology and without modern welfare states, had been living a single disease, and drier one, one and a recession is not up to the extent of the disaster. They have a moral hatred for such things as over-leveraged, than increase them vulnerable.

American Debt 2016
American Debt 2016

Recently, Dow Focus Group System life has improved and become more secure, but the hatred of debt fell amid all the progress made, I started to companies that issue credit cards to lure more people to borrow, and discovered the politicians that they can buy votes with borrowed money, and people feel more comfortable as they debt.

We are witnessing today the era of leveraged, and became the community during the past several years much more extreme than ever before, despite three bubbles resulting from the debt occurred .. In the beginning, there was the Internet bubble, followed by real estate financing in the 2008 bubble, that we got now to the financial bubble. In the United States, the federal government has to borrow more than $6 trillion over the past four years alone, in an attempt to address the effects of the previous two bubbles, as US suffer in the face of agreements relating to pension retirement should not have been done at all, Europe stands on the brink of total collapse, in the absence of the ability of governments there to come to how to deal with the debt, and all the nations of the world have a debt ratio to gross domestic product amounting to or close to 90 per cent, which is the point at which the rate of growth then starts to slow down and stop the economic boom, and all this is due to the increase the possibility of debt sustainability.

The debate rages on between Democrats and Republicans on the need to accelerate the reduction of deficits, is that everyone is aware of the need to curb rein in debt at a certain Dow Jones Focus Group Login degree, and the problem is that no one was able to find the political means to achieve it.

And it summed up the commonly held view among politicians that the experts may criticize the debt, but voters do not care about the fact that, they do not want to face the consequences of their demands on spending, and will of your position if taken difficult decisions you have to take in order to reduce the cases of the existing deficit, but this takes debt to grow more and more, voters are those who want it.

But that may change, with the orientation of voters in Wisconsin to the polls to decide whether to withdraw confidence from Gov. Scott Walker or not. I’m not much a fan of the way followed by Walker in order to reduce debt. In such a period of difficult choices, it should be one of the basic principles used is that we are all in the same boat. If you would cut the share of influence on the decision of the opposition groups, it would have to reduce its share of your party you also, and this builds confidence and promotes progress from one department to the next. However, Walker did not do it, but the share of Equinox Trading Software Democrats only. But in the real world, there are no ideal options. Has adopted a walker at least in the strong influence of groups, has already managed to transform a deficit of $ 3.6 billion to a surplus of $ 150 million, though this may have been due to a dramatic increase in the collection of taxes, as allowed in front of the wishes of the school districts the possibility of providing resources allocated for health insurance so that it can be spent on the students of Finance.

Way Walker was an unpleasant way, but in the case of withdrawal of confidence from it, this will send a message generally exceed the effects Wisconsin much, where will be an Dow Jones Focus Group scam indication that the voters really are not willing to accept the harsh decisions aimed at debt reduction. In Washington and state capitals, this letter will lead to the consolidation of the view that the voters do not really care about indebtedness, also dispel any hope exists in this country has to avoid the occurrence of financial disaster.

In contrast, the win and Walker will serve as a marker, says expert organizing polls Scott Rasmussen constantly, that voters applying to politicians, Equinox Trading Software will be a sign that voters appreciate the value of reducing the deficit and that they would vote in favor of investigating that, even in the state remained their voices go to all the Democrats in the presidential elections held since 1984.

And any vote to keep Walker in office will not be a vote against the trade unions, but would vote against any special interest seeking to maintain the exorbitant advantages enjoyed by the middle class at the expense of the public good. I will predict that the presidential candidates that it is safe to talk specifically about what in December (next December), when they had to make choices difficult in terms of helplessness.

President Obama has refrained from participating in the race Wisconsin, and hope not to be so blatant political opportunism position of his side, but be really Recognizing that governments must face the obligations that can not be met. Mitt Romney has been more direct, but even he did not mention in his Equinox Trading Software campaign to the choices that will be conducted. If Walker wins, the presidential candidates will need to be clear before the election as it was Walker and clear after he was elected.

The era of leveraged cultural shift has begun, and it will require a gradual shift popularity in order to put an end to that era. It may be the last vote in the state of Wisconsin is the nation begins the moment you finally get rid of them embroiled in debt for decades.

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