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6 Steps To Start Your eCommerce Business In 2018!

6 Steps To Start Your eCommerce Business In 2018! Learn how to start selling online with these 6 simple steps and start today!

The growing success of e-commerce sites around the world has made the style of enterprise development more realistic than ever before. Whether you are looking for an increase in your monthly income, or want to start a full-time business or just share your products with the world, setting up an e-commerce site is the perfect platform to make your dreams come true.

We at Befort want to see you turn your 7 Figure Cycle business ideas into reality from a business especially that e-commerce in the Middle East is expected to grow to $ 13.4 billion by 2020, and we do not want to miss it. For this reason this week we provide a brief overview of everything you need to take your e-commerce project from the design panel to the Internet.

7 Figure Cycle
7 Figure Cycle

Choose the product

When you start your e-commerce there are many aspects that you need to take into account, but the most important question that will need to be answered for any e-commerce project is what you will sell.

The eCommerce market is competitive so you have to look at areas where you have an advantage. This may mean that you sell the product you designed, sell to a particular community in niche markets, or pick up new trends early on. Ensuring that you have a sustainable product and growth from the beginning helps to establish a strong foundation for your 7 Figure Cycle e-commerce Business.

Develop an action plan

Developing a clear business plan is critical to creating a successful business, not just because your e-commerce is done online makes it an exception. You need a business plan that includes a strategy for financing, marketing, and advertising for business.

You need to develop a clear idea of ​​how to reach success and what stages you need to achieve along the way. The most important outcome of this phase is to develop a long-term plan for what you want your business to be.

Create your own ecommerce site

If you have a technical background to build your site from the shelf this is always an option that exists, but the possibilities are that you will want to make use of the resources already available to create an online store. With sites like Shopify and Squarespace Commerce34 you can purchase your domain name and use the tools available at these sites to build a dedicated website from the ground up.

Once you have completed the technical parts of the site, you will need to think about the overall design of your website. You will need to set up a general framework for the site, headings, and organize your products into categories that are easy to search and navigate. You will also need to complete the department store section and decide whether you will use a blog for the 7 Figure Cycle company.

List of store and shipping items

In addition to determining what you will sell, you will need to think about building your inventory. If you do not manufacture the products yourself, you will need to find a resource or find a way to distribute through resale.

Shipping is another order that may build or destroy your business. If you choose an inexperienced shipping partner, customers may experience a bad experience that can lead to negative feedback. Take the time to understand what different logistics companies can offer and if you are not sure, ask for advice

Marketing Your Website

Once you create your business, make a list of your inventory, and deal with all (or at least most) breakpoints in your website, it is time to start thinking about the official opening of the company.

How you launch your website will depend to a large extent on your available resources. If your business is small, make sure you do not take advantage of social media to advertise your site. After launching the website you should not end your marketing plan, make sure you are using Google Analytics to better understand your customers and their habits. In order for your site to be effective, you have to work continuously to develop the customer base.

Maintain business continuity

Once you have completed everything and make sure the site runs, your only job is to keep it done. Try the pain in all technical aspects and continue to eradicate any damage to the site. You will also need to understand the company’s stock, make decisions about new products that will be stopped, and provide customer service to keep customers satisfied.